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Is Your Organization Ready to Face the Future?

With the start of the new decade, non-profits, schools and local governments should take a fresh look at their marketing strategies to determine if they’re current practices keep them relevant in this new age. When administrators and managers are so busy keeping operations running smoothly, it's easy to put your outreach objectives on autopilot. Times have changed though, and what worked yesterday won’t work today. When you take a look at your current marketing [...]

Do us all a favor and sell, sell, sell! The mindset for sales success.

Oftentimes when we're in the business of selling stuff, and especially if you're new to selling, you may be very uncomfortable with the idea of approaching people with your product or your service. But if you believe in what you're selling, you have a right, in fact you have a duty to get it in the hands of the people who would benefit from it. People are waiting for your solution. If you know [...]

To Sell, Teach. // What salespeople can learn from Martha Stewart.

In the old way of selling, it was all about beating the pavement. Cold calling, showing up unannounced, or spamming inboxes. A numbers game. If you saw 100 clients in a day, surely at least one was destined to buy. Tomorrow, you do it all over again. It's not breaking news that those methods don’t work anymore. I setup Google Voice nine years ago so I could screen my calls and avoid these calls [...]

What’s in it for ME to follow YOU on Instagram and Facebook? How to create content with high value.

When posting to your blog or any social media channel, ask yourself what value the customer gets from the post. Too often, we create content based on what *we* want to say, when a better practice for attracting customers is creating content that answers questions or meets a need that *they have. Get more critical information to grow your business with a better online strategy right in your inbox [...]

3 Content Pieces to Make This Week for your Social Media Channels

You never have to think about what kinds of content to create. Always think about what questions your customers (and potential customers) are asking you, then create video blogs (vlogs), blog posts, podcasts and more around that. Get more critical information to grow your business with a better online strategy right in your inbox by signing up for our e-newsletter: http://eepurl.com/dKEl2M

There is only 1 type of content that works on social media

When was the last time you opened the Instagram app to find the latest deals being offered by a brand? When was the last time you went to Twitter to check out the new products offered by local retailers? You don't. And nobody else does either. You have, however, gone to Facebook to check out how your cousin's trip to New York went. You've logged onto Twitter a few times to see the latest [...]

Casting Call Notice for Lead Role

Casting Call: Toledo Based Educational Series Role: Lead personality in educational video series Looking for ONE character/actor: Adam Conover type of character (Youtube: Adam Ruins Everything), who is quick, funny, and able to improvise with precision. Male or female, 16-32 yr. old and prefer a Toledo native, TPS student or alum. Actors and non-actors should submit photos & bios! Some acting experience preferred. AUDITIONS Times TBD in Toledo, OH, possibly on short notice. Auditions [...]

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