Oftentimes when we’re in the business of selling stuff, and especially if you’re new to selling, you may be very uncomfortable with the idea of approaching people with your product or your service. But if you believe in what you’re selling, you have a right, in fact you have a duty to get it in the hands of the people who would benefit from it.

People are waiting for your solution. If you know how to fix a problem for people, why would you hold on to that information? If I have marketing services that I know can brand a company better than they’ve ever been branded before – help them look better online and more attractive to potential customers, then I have an obligation to go and let them know that I have the solution that solves their problem of getting noticed.

If you’re the best barber, then you have an oblIgation to let people know it. Why would you want people walking around with bad haircuts? If you’ve got the song that cures heartbreak, why would you want to hold that to yourself? Your job is to get that song out into the world. If you’re selling life insurance, and people are dying leaving behind loads of debt and families scrambling to now take on new roles as breadwinners, why would you not get excited about telling people about what you have to offer?

If you have the best lotion and it cures ashiness like no other lotion ever did, then why would you have me walking around ashy?

You have a product or you provide a service that solves people’s problems. Don’t think of it as you’re trying to sell people something. Think about how you’re helping your neighbors by showing them a better way to solve their problems.

You’re doing us all a favor by doing what you do best and telling the world about it.


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