Podcasts are quickly growing as a way to inform and build an audience. According to an Edison Research report, 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast, which is up 11% from 2016. The podcast platform has been around for a while, but many marketers and business owners are starting to take notice, because of what the statistics are showing us about podcast listeners. Many of the reports reflect that podcast listeners are majority younger affluent males, who listen to complete broadcasts, and also enjoy following their favorite brands and companies on social media as well. Here is a quick breakdown from the Edison Research report.

  • 56% of listeners are male
  • 16% of monthly listeners have a household income of $150k+
  • 30% of listeners have a graduate or advanced degree, which is higher than the national average
  • 58% of monthly listeners follow brands on social media which is also above the national average

With statistics like these, more and more podcasts are beginning, and it is easier now, more than ever to get started. Here are seven outcomes you can expect from starting a podcast.

1. Elevate yourself as an industry leader

There’s nothing like becoming a talking head that will make you sound a lot smarter than you actually are. When people see a podcast and the topic of the segment, they automatically assume you know what you’re talking about. Now you just have to live up to that expectation. Provide content on topics relevant to your audience, solve a problem, provide a solution, or maybe even comic relief. Also, focus on areas within your zone of genius, and topics that you are most passionate about. Just be engaging and entertaining.

2. Brand partnerships to expand your network

Podcasts are an amazing way to partner with other professionals either in your industry or a complimentary industry who services your target audience. Inviting them to your podcast segment and vice versa can expand your reach, bring in a fresh voice and perspective, and allow you to attack an issue together. Other professionals can also give you constructive criticism on improving your podcast and brand and even present other business opportunities. Secondly, the more people you can involve in your podcast, increases the value of what you have to say and your brand.  

3. New Way to Connect with Your Audience and Find a New Audience

There are probably several people already in your current audience and network who really enjoy listening to podcasts, why not give them an opportunity to listen to YOU? In the digital age, customers like to connect with their favorite brands and personalities on every format that they’re on; allow them to connect with you through podcasting, and you also could pick up a new market segment while you’re at it.

4. Convenient

Podcasting is as easy as talking and can be done from anywhere. You don’t need a fancy studio or expensive equipment. The main things you need are your voice and a microphone and you can begin a podcast and build a following. Listening to podcasts are also easy and convenient for your audience. Fifty-two percent of Americans listen to podcasts at home, and 18% from their car. With the use of earphones, you can listen without disturbing anyone.

5. A Great Way to Repurpose Content

If you already have a healthy arsenal of blog, video, and/or social media content, it would be very simple to repurpose the same content for a podcast to build a new audience. After taking a look at your analytics, you can determine which topics were the most popular and you can look at the feedback and conversation around those posts. Next, you can flesh the topic out a little bit by going in a  different direction or taking a different approach when developing it into a podcast.

6. Develop Your Speaking Skills and Position Yourself as a Speaker

Podcasting can be the platform that you need to develop and improve your speaking skills. Since podcasts are similar to talk radio, all you have to focus on is your voice and the words you are saying, versus public speaking or video blogging, there are so many more elements to be concerned with. As you begin to work your “speaking muscle” your skills will begin to improve.

7. Easier than Blogging and Less Time Consuming

Sometimes there’s writer’s block and who has time to perfectly shoot and edit videos? Podcasting is an easier alternative, because all that is needed is your voice and a microphone. The barrier to entry into the podcasting world is very low and anyone can do it.

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