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We create real customized radio and TV stations for brands. Check out our options and features included.

Creadio is an "I'd wish I thought of that." an entirely fresh perspective. the obvious "Duh" choice.

Our Features

Custom Radio

Branded radio stations customized for your brand.

Ambiance Music

Un-branded background music in a variety of formats.

Customer Support

'Round the clock email or phone support.

Custom Video

Branded video and digital screens. Designed for control.


HD Digital Cable from Comcast, Time Warner and Charter.


Location-based mobile application for personal customization.

and more...

We’ve developed real, customizable radio stations that have all the cool features of a broadcast radio station: the on-air jock, FX and imaging, and the music, all alongside your commercials and other messaging.
These stations are all about your brand with music custom-curated for your target demographic. Pick any genre of music you like, or build a mix-station to switch it up at different times of the day.
Your station never runs on a loop. Playlists come in any genre and are streamed live over the internet. No structurally damaging satellites to install or CD’s to deal with. Our system is plug-n-play!

We're not the only ones fired up psyched thrilled about the realm of possibilities with Creadio...

Brands across the nation are taking control of their in-store marketing. Give us a try.